Getting Started

Welcome to the new era of Moodle themes!

Roshni is a theme created by DualCube.

Roshni is 100% tested and works in Moodle upto 3.3.

At a Glance:

  • Exclusive front page
  • Compatible with Moodle 2.7 and up to Moodle 3.3
  • Exclusive theme settings
  • Infinite color scheme
  • 3 types of headers in home page and inner pages
  • 3 types of logo update options
  • Responsive layout
  • 4 - page layout options
  • Supports unlimited fonts
  • TinyMCE HTML editor
  • Font Awesome vector icons
  • Google Maps Integrated
  • Cross-Browser (tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and Safari)
  • 10 social media icons
  • 2 Awesome Sliders
  • Flexible Moodle Blocks
  • Unique Login Page
  • Free Support and Updates


The bxSlider under the WTFPL license:

The Royal Slider under the Extended License
Item Purchase Code: 5858c13e-0f2d-4745-a4ce-08da605e757d

Parent theme: Bootstrapbase by Bas Brands

Royalty-free images

Free images


Roshni Constitutes of Two Parts: 

  1. The PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the GPL license, just like Moodle itself. You will discover a duplicate of the license text in the same registry as this content record. Or you can read it here: 
  2. All other parts of this theme including - but not limited to the CSS code, images, and design -are certified according to the license purchased. 
    Read about licensing details here:

Exclusive Setting Panel

A truckload of options to customize your theme. No coding knowledge required.

General Settings
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Roshni > General Settings

General Settings Description

  • Select Font
    1. Font Type Standard
    2. Font Type Custom
      • Upload Unlimited Fonts
  • Choose Font Name Heading
  • Choose Font Name Body

Custom Settings
Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Roshni > Custom Settings

Set Favicon

Custom upload option for your favicon image. Recommended size.

Set Logo Image

We have 3 types of Logo update options.

Page Header Style

Choose from three types of headers.

Front Page Settings

Roshni provides 11 customizable sections in the front page.

  1. First Slider
    It provides two types of sliders for the front page. You can enable/disable full width slider.

    Most importantly, anyone can upload/update their own content and HTML content through TinyMCE HTML editor. Everyone can add their own background image as well.

  2. Icon + Content Blurb
    This section provides blocks with a rich set of icons where you can the title and a short description.
  3. Info Blurb
    Get a fully customizable masonry view with 5 different hover effects.
  4. Text + Image Slider
    This section allows you to add image and text content that will appear on the slider in the front page.
  5. Tabbed Doc
    You can add title, text and page url for this section that will appear in tabbed view.
  6. Thin Stip
    Add logo images in the thin strip section.
  7. Masonry
    You can add images and text for this section that will appear in Masonry view in the front page.
  8. Text Bubble
    This is the testimonial section. You can add text, user image urls and user details.
  9. Contact Details
    An exclusive feature “Roshni” powered rich stock of icons for contact info.
  10. Google Map
    An exclusive feature of “Roshni” powered with Google maps. 
  11. Social Networks
    You have ten social media options for the Social Networks section. If the value of a social media is not empty, it will appear in the Social Networks section. Available social media options you have are:

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Dribble, Youtube, Vimeo, RSS, Flicker and Pinterest.

Infinite Color Scheme

Infinite colors enable you to personalize your site according to your choice.

Page Layouts

Take your pick from four types of page layouts:-

  • Default layout
  • Boxed with background image/pattern
  • Boxed with background color
  • Boxed with content color

Resource & Activity Icons

Custom resource and activity icons for your courses modules.

Default Menu

Add New Page and New Menu Item

You can add custom page(s) as per your requirement and link them to the header menu.

Custom Menu

Google Analytics

Provides inbuilt support for Google Analytics.

Add Your Footer

Customizable footer section enables you add your own footer content.

Exclusive Design


Exclusive homepage in soft red color.On this screen you can exclusively see:

  • Custom Menu
  • Slideshow
  • Info Blurb
  • Icon and Content Blurb
  • Masonry
  • Text And Image Slider
  • Tabbed Doc
  • Text Bubble
  • Thin Strip
  • Contact Details
  • Google Map
  • Social Networks
Courses List

A Page with a list of all the available courses, a button to add a new course and both side bar (after logging) and a soft red color scheme.

This page does not have the slideshow option. You can remove the slideshow from the front page too.

Login Page
  Custom login page with soft red color scheme.
Custom Settings Page
Exclusive Custom settings page for users own settings with soft red color.  


Installing Roshni is very simple. All you take is 4 steps and Roshni is installed.

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Copy the Roshni folder and paste into <your moodle root>/theme/ directory.
  3. Click on Site administration > Notifications.
  4. Upgrade moodle database and continue.

    - And you are part of the revolution!


Activate Roshni

Site administration > Appearance >Themes > Theme selector
Change theme to Roshni

Site Administration > Appearance > Navigation
Default home page for users (First Dropdown) > Site

Site Administration > Front page > Front page settings
Front page (Dropdown) > None

Take a Tour

Don’t take our word for it – demo it! Open this page and use the following login details:

Username: student
Password: 1Dualcube@23

Final Notes

We are happy to help you. We work towards a more beautiful web.